March 2018

March 30, 2018

As a engaged couple, you may think you know exactly what you are looking for at a bridal show, but be sure to keep an open mind or you'll miss potential wedding ideas and wedding inspiration. At the bridal fair, the wedding vendors are your guides to the latest in wedding trends, so take advantage of their expertise and knowledge. Vendors can not only assist you with new ideas, but also with keeping to your wedding budget, so don't hesitate to ask lots of questions! 

March 23, 2018

For the prospective bride, a bridal show offers the opportunity to meet most local and sometimes non-local wedding vendors all in one location. Attending a bridal expo may mean one can consider all the things that go into a wedding in one day of shopping.

Make sure you go prepared by taking all of the materials necessary for making the most of your bridal show experience. This week, we’ll cover WHO you should take to the wedding show!

Okay, first, think carefully about who you want to take. Just like dress shopping, you don’t want TOO many opinions, for that could be disastrous and overwhelming. Consider taking your mom, maid of honor, a bridesmaid, and even your fiance.

Depending on your fiance’s role in the planning, more times than not, your fiance will be interested in the cake tasting booths as well as the honeymoon booths, so be sure to bring him along to the bridal fair!

If you have children, consider hiring a baby sitter for this one. Bridal events, like wedding planning, require your undivided attention. You don’t want to be distracted when seeking out wedding inspiration and making such important decisions such as choosing colors, flower arrangements, cake decorations, tuxedos, and more!

March 15, 2018

Going to a bridal show can be incredibly helpful and resourceful in planning your big day. It’s exciting, creative, and full of fantastic ideas and wedding inspiration! You can meet with and speak directly to many wedding professionals, all under one roof! Having the opportunity to talk to them face to face makes it a whole lot easier to decide who will win your wedding business.

So you want to get the most out of the bridal show? Well, you’ll want to make sure that you come prepared for it. You’ll need to consider what you’ll bring, who you’ll bring, what you’ll ask, what you’ll wear, and other items to remember so that you get the most out of the wedding show!

You’ll also want to find a way to stay organized. You’ll be busy gathering information, comparing services, comparing prices, registering for prizes, looking out for the latest fashions, observing trends, and most importantly, having fun!

We’ve compiled some tips that will help you get the most out of your bridal show experience:

First and foremost, consider pre-registering for the wedding show. Most often, an early bird discount is offered to those who pre-register. You’ll also cut down on time spent in lines when paying at the door.

Spend some time researching the wedding fair ahead of time. Make note of the vendors you MUST visit. Or, consider mapping out their booths so that you can maximize your visits in a timely manner. Make a list of the questions you want to ask the vendors. Many times, vendors will offer discounts to those who book their services at the show.

If the bridal show is featuring a fashion show, consider the different show times and incorporate them into your schedule accordingly.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information coming your way, but remember that this is about you and your big day. So don’t forget to think about how the different ideas can be incorporated into your wedding such as types of flower arrangements, color combinations, favors, etc.

If a vendor gives you information that is of particular interest to you, put that information in a separate bag/folder so that you can easily follow up with them. Keep separate files of general info and must-follow-up info. Otherwise, it will just become utterly overwhelming.

These are just a few tips that can help you tremendously in making the most out of your bridal show experience. Please stay tuned as we’ll share with you more blog posts with bridal show tips and other wedding preparation advice.

March 2, 2018

A blushing bride and a dashing groom always help to make wedding photos look good. But if you add to that a historic or scenic landmark, then what was great magically becomes incredibly awesome! Wedding photographers working in Central PA, know these “photo ops” are all around the area and use them regularly. They'll steal some time from between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception and whisk the newlyweds away to capture such a shot. Don’t miss out – ask your wedding photographer where their ideas are for your beautiful backdrops on your wedding day, and make sure you’re not trespassing on private property when you want to take a picture next to a barn or fence. A reputable wedding photographer will have already acquired the proper permission to access a farm or field before the big day. Explore your many choices at one of our upcoming bridal shows and check out the wedding vendors up close and in person!

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