June 2018

June 29, 2018

According to WeddingWire, navy blue is the hot color trend this year for brides and grooms. It can be incorporated as the neutral shade in your wedding's color palette by using it in places from invitations to bridesmaids' dresses. Navy is so versatile it can be paired with grey, burgundy, gold, and even pink.

How can you stay in-the-know about these types of trends while planning your wedding day? Visit one of our bridal shows and allow us to be your guide to all things wedding! 

June 22, 2018

Imagine a fun wedding planning day shopping with friends and/or family, sampling delicious flavors of cakes. It's so hard to make a decision!

In days of old, engaged couples had to rely on either word of mouth or traveling to several different bakeries over the course of at least a few weeks to find the perfect wedding cake. Now with a ticket to one of our wedding shows, you'll be able to try out many different kinds of cake from a variety of vendors.

If you need wedding cake ideas and inspiration, look no further than a Best Wedding Showcase bridal show!

June 1, 2018

When you're getting married, bridal fairs are the perfect opportunity to do some serious wedding planning, along with the chance to gather all sorts of magnificent and original ideas and inspiration. But did you stop to think about how great it would be to get the chance to also spend the day with your besties, relaxing, and having fun? 

In today's rushed and overscheduled society, we seldom take the opportunity to treat ourselves by hanging out with our very best friends and family members. You can attend a bridal expo and take the time to browse the vendors' booths, view the latest trends, and even grab a signature cocktail or two, all the while spending time with the ones who love you most.

If you're engaged, take this time for yourself and make a day of it - you are worth it! Grab a wedding show ticket today!

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