July 2018

July 27, 2018

One of the many wedding-related quandaries you may find yourself in is trying to figure out just how much wedding cake you have to order to not only feed your hungry guests but fit your budget as well. Some tips and things to consider before placing your order:

1. Will cake be the only sweet item on the menu or are you also having a dessert bar?

2. How many courses will be served at your wedding reception? The more courses, the more full your guests may already be when it's cake cutting time.

3. Will there be a groom's cake?

4. Be sure to ask your baker what they consider a serving size to be. They may even have a visual representation to aid you. You want to make sure you are on the same page with serving sizes.

5. Consider who will be slicing your wedding cake. Tell them ahead of time what the serving size should look like so they don't cut either huge slices or too-small ones.

6. If you really do not want to wind up with a lot of leftover wedding cake, provide small take-home boxes for your guests.

Hopefully, these tips and ideas will help you in making a final decision on your beautiful wedding day cake. Drop in at one of our bridal shows to see trends, inspiration, and ideas for your big day, visit with our vendors, and sample some luscious cake! Happy hunting!

July 20, 2018

Every bride-to-be desires to look her very best on her wedding day and to that end, many wind up considering the services of a makeup artist. Some things to ask your potential makeup maven while you're in the midst of your wedding planning:

1. What brand of makeup do you use? You'll want to be certain it is a brand that you are not sensitive to.

2. Do you offer a trial run and if so, is the price included in your overall price? You need to be sure your makeup artist can create the look you want way ahead of the big day. Also, be certain that the artist doing your trial run is the same one you will have for your wedding day!

3. Could I see a portfolio of your work? 

4. How do you sanitize your makeup brushes? Do you use disposable sponges?

5. How long will my makeup last? You don't want it sliding off your face before you've even hit the wedding reception.

6. Do you have a back up person in the event you cannot make it due to an emergency?

Utilizing these tips will help to ensure that your wedding day makeup will look beautiful. Grab a ticket to one of our bridal shows and maybe you will find the perfect makeup artist who will enhance your natural beauty and truly make your wedding day extra special!

July 12, 2018

With the dizzying array of choices available to make your wedding day unique and special, there are lots of reasons to hire a wedding professional such as a planner to aid you and calm your frazzled nerves. If you're currently engaged and have a mountainous to-do list, here are some of the top reasons you may want to hire a wedding consultant:

  • Less stress!
  • Budget - a planner can help keep your spending under control
  • Creative ideas - planners have probably done and seen it all and can provide you with ideas you hadn't thought of
  • A consultant will have the inside info on who the very best vendors are
  • You'll have a ready-made "go to" person in the event problems arise
  • A planner will take care of coordinating the schedules of all your vendors so you don't have to
  • Perhaps the best reason - you'll be able to sit back and ENJOY your engagement and wedding day, unencumbered by all the little worrisome details

Where to find a great wedding planner? Grab a wedding show ticket and try one of our upcoming bridal shows to see the best of the best!

July 6, 2018

When trying to plan a wedding, brides and grooms often try to (understandably), cut costs with an item they feel is not a necessity. One of those "cut" items often advised by well-meaning family and friends is a wedding videographer. While wedding photography and wedding videography are equally important, video can capture precious fleeting moments that can't be felt or articulated through a photograph. 

Not convinced? Visit one of our bridal shows to see exceptional videographers and talk to them about their passion for preserving your wedding memories!

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